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Every day you put in every effort to show customers the best products, the best service and the best welcome. In order to sustain and grow your business activities, it is essential to capitalise on the goodwill that you have acquired over the years with your most loyal customers and to spread this as wide as possible.

Attract, acquire, develop, retain... each area has its specific communication solutions.
The first step : identify your market position in order to develop the visual identity that best suits you.
Who better than a business communications consultant to assist you in this process ?






Once you market position is clear, the final step is to translate this into graphic elements and key messages.

Our new creative box is based on an analysis of trends developed specifically for bakeries, the commercial consultant will develop with you, step by step,  your identity : colours, messages, images.

So you can create a communication that will reflect your bakery.

A few mouse clicks  later, your ideas are transformed into an image, an identity that you will now be able to apply to media that is seen as critical to your communication strategy (attract, retain...).





Communicate within and outside the point of sale is critical to the sustainability of your bakery.
For this, there are many graphic supports available, the most important thing  being the consistency between the image and the message.
With a range of more than 5 000 examples, you can promote your identity on custom made bags, card holders, advertising calendars, reusable items, posters, window stickers, labels.
Your bakery is like no other and you need to make it  known !
Win the recognition game.

Don't hesitate any longer, contact us !

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